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We have the experience to enhance just about any document:
  • If you’re a writer, we can help make your manuscript publisher-ready, whether your work is a novel, non-fiction (autobiography, scholarly work, how to, etc.), film script, or article for a magazine or journal;
  • If you’re a company, we will help to produce an operations or technical manual that is readable, clear and accurate (and according to NIST standards). We will help you to produce a polished and dynamic business plan or report
  • If you’re a student, we’ll help to make your thesis, dissertation or research paper persuasive;
  • If you’re looking to secure funding for your organization, we can help draft a winning grant proposal.
About Gary Klinga

Rest Assured Editing & Writing Services is solely owned and operated by Gary Klinga. Gary is a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association.

Gary has edited numerous fiction and non-fiction manuscripts, academic papers, white papers, business plans, technical operations manuals, film scripts, book proposals and queries, and CVs and resumes. He also has written grant proposals, web copy and marketing ads, and a journalistic piece on the negative health impact of excessive automobile idling (“American Idle”) that was published in newspapers in Michigan and http://www.worldissues360.com. Over the past five years Gary has reviewed nearly fifty books for ForeWord Reviews, Blue Ink Review and (CIPA) Colorado Independent Publishers Association. In the spring of 2014, Gary served as a judge to score writers’ works for awards consideration for CIPA. Writers seeking an experienced professional to evaluate their manuscript need look no further. In 2012, Gary wrote a letter published in Reader’s Mail in Writer’s Digest (November/December 2012) titled “Grammatical Peeves.” In the piece, Gary discussed language usage and the need for rigorous compliance with style sheet standards.

No matter what the project, the goal is always the same: creating documents that make a good first impression and producing copy that is highly readable, correct, persuasive, consistent and clear.

The intangible products:

  • Support–where authors enter into a supportive and positive partnership with the editor, an arena free of judgments, free of negative criticism; and
  • Respect–where authors are respected for their unique voice and style of writing.
Academic Background

BA in Political Science, State University of New York at Albany; graduate of S.E.E.D.S Business Development Program.

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