Rest Assured Editing charges $150 for a manuscript evaluation based on reading and reviewing most or all* of the ms. The evaluation includes the editor’s suggestion to improve developmental and compositional components.

However, if you need a more basic evaluation/critique in terms of copyediting requirements, Rest Assured Editing offers:

  • Free sample editing of first 1000 words;
  • Free critique based on review of chapter sample*

A quote for total editing charges is based on length of the ms,  level of editing required, and turnaround time expected by the author. A retainer in the amount of 30% of the total estimate is to be paid by author prior to commencing editing.

A contract is mailed out by the editor and signed by both parties. Notification is provided by editor when work nears completion. As is the case with any purchased service or product, balance of payment for editing is due prior to editor sending completed work to author. In some cases, an installment payment plan can be arranged. NO PAY PAL. Money orders preferred.

Editing of any document 50 pages or less is charged at the per page rate shown below:

Per Page Pricing for Documents 50 Pages or Fewer

(based on 375-500 wpp, dbl spaced, 1” margins, avg. editing time of 5 pages/hr.)

Service: Description: Rate:
Copy Editing Correcting and enhancing a manuscript draft for proper grammar, syntax, consistency, clarity, readability and dynamic effect. $4 per page.*
Line Editing & Developmental Editing Ensuring that the writing is clear and dynamic and means what the author intended, and that the material flows naturally (proper syntax, usage); if necessary, resequencing chapters or parts of book to ensure better flow, correct chronology, logical progression and maximal effect. $6 per page.*
Substantive Editing Rewriting of sentences. $10 per page.*
Copywriting / Dynamic Webcopy Producing dynamic language for advertising and web copy text content. $40 for the home page,
$25 for each subsequent page.
Keyboarding Manuscripts Converting handwritten or typewritten documents into a digital format. $1.50 per page.
Research Fact-checking, attaining permission to reprint, etc. $25 per hour.
Sourcing If your efforts at finishing your scholarly work have stalled due to the difficulty of locating appropriate sources for citations, then let Rest Assured Editing Services help you. NOTE: When searching for reliable sources for citations in a work, Rest Assured Editing Services does NOT use Wikipedia sources. We use only reputable and verifiable scholarly sources.








Please use the form which will help us assess the editing services required and determine what charges apply.

Other Services

Layout and Formatting (Negotiable)

Rest Assured Editing provides formatting and layout for writers, who would like their book set up, for example, in 6 x 9 trim size, including pagination, custom margins, spacing, and justification.


Book Proposal:

Rest Assured Editing provides book proposal and query letter drafting services for the writer. The editor works with the author to prepare an effective book proposal or query letter. Necessary components can include a cover letter, concept, and marketing strategies. Rest Assured Editing negotiates drafting and editing charges with the author prior to commencing services.

Query letter draft: $50 for 1-2 page query letter;

  • $75 for editing a draft book proposal;
  • $75-$100 for composing a book proposal “from the ground up.”

Finder’s fee:

When a successful recommendation of a prospective publisher is made by the editor, the author agrees to pay a Finder’s Fee. Rest Assured Editing Services charges a $75 finder’s fee.


It is generally regarded as a courtesy for the author to acknowledge the work of an editor. Rest Assured Editing does not charge a fee for acknowledgement of services.

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