Gary is a consummate editor with a keen eye for the dramatic improvement of your copy. Each and every edit, suggestion, and change in syntax comes from years of experience in the trenches. As an author you are simply too close to your work to properly edit your work for publishers or agents. Gary has taken work from Swansong to symphony for a myriad of writers. The bottom line is that you have two choices when it comes to seeking publication: spend frustrating years of reading, researching and countless dollars on trial and error or discover what Gary brings to the table. When you hire Gary you’ll keep your hard work from being tossed into the slush pile. Instead your manuscript has a good chance of landing into the hands of publishers and agents who ultimately will make or break your career. Devote your time to writing and leave the editing to him.

Jeff Saunders, Artistic Director and Copywriter, Barton Publishing.

I couldn’t be more pleased with how thorough and timely the results were. I highly recommend Gary to anyone who is looking for quality work.

Allyssa McVay (Graduate Student), Western Oregon University

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